Others include transanal excision, transanal microsurgery, and endocavity radiotherapy. There are various causes that contribute to the occurrence of rectal cancer China Wholesale toilet stools such as increasing age (mostly over 50), having certain family history of rectal cancer, history of polyps or colorectal cancer, high-fat diet consumption and smoking.

The advantageous factors which will contribute towards the augmentation of rectal cancer market in Asia-Pacific are high population density including the geriatric population, rapidly increasing demand for technologically advanced therapeutic treatment, and major government support for improved healthcare infrastructures such as hospitals and clinics. The major driving reasons for the growth of rectal cancer market are constantly increasing geriatric population, growing awareness about malignant effects of cancer amongst individuals, and increasing unhealthy lifestyle practices such as smoking and consumption of high fat content food. Chief driving factors for the growth of industry in this region are increasing healthcare expenditure and presence of a large pool of patients.